No matter the profession, whenever a son follows in his father’s footsteps it always seems to conjure up a nostalgic, warm feeling inside. When a son decides to follow his father’s footsteps and embark on the tumultuous journey that is trying to become a professional athlete, well that’s just plain awesome. It’s rare enough to make it to the NBA, but to have a son, or in Rick Barry’s case sons, make it to the Association as well, it is truly remarkable. Any NBA head knows that Kobe Bryant and his pops Joe “Jellybean” Bryant both played in the league, but what about the lesser known cats? What about the dudes who played in different era’s, and set up the true foundation for the very league we love to watch today? Well, have no worries on this Father’s Day, because from George and Coby Karl to Ernie and Kiki Vandeweghe, check out, the 25 Greatest Father-Son Teams in NBA History.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)

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