No one enjoys getting fired. It's a really crappy time in a person's life. But the Edmonton Oilers must have made their former head coach Ralph Krueger feel extra low when they decided to fire him recently. That's because, rather than bringing him to Edmonton to have a face-to-face meeting about his job, the Oilers instead opted to fire him over Skype. Oilers GM Craig MacTavish asked Krueger to join him for a Skype chat and pulled the plug on his job late last week.

"This past Thursday he requested that I accept him on Skype so he could Skype me," Krueger revealed after getting canned. "When the conversation began, he got right to the message that he felt it was necessary to hire a new head coach. That's the way it went. The conversation was short."

Fortunately, Krueger wasn't too broken up about it. It even sounded like Skype helped him move on from the job more quickly than he would have if he had been fired in person. But still, that's a pretty lame way to tell a guy that he's fired. And we hope that it doesn't start a trend with other pro sports teams anytime soon.

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[via Fansided]