As we told you earlier today, new Clippers coach Doc Rivers and ESPN analyst Bill Simmons shared a pretty awkward moment during the second round of the 2013 NBA Draft last night. Shortly after Simmons revealed that he thinks Rivers quit on the Celtics by bolting for Los Angeles, Rivers responded and then Simmons offered up a rebuttal live on the air. And apparently, the interaction didn't sit too well with Rivers' son Jeremiah, who is currently playing in the NBDL.

Jeremiah went on a Twitter rampage a short time later and @-ed both Simmons and ESPN throughout the duration of it. And while Simmons hasn't offered up a response to the younger Rivers yet, Jeremiah's tweets will definitely make things really tense the next time Simmons and Rivers are in the same room. Here's what Jeremiah had to say:

Yikes. Talk about touching a nerve! Safe to say Bill Simmons has one less fan today?

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[via Ball Don't Lie]