Every single mother has a photo somewhere of her child taking a bath as a baby, even Curren$y's mother. Shante Scott Franklin's mom's house is the first stop in this episode of ComplexTV's The Neighborhood, where she shows off a few photos of her son as just a little one (yes, he's had dimples his entire life). He goes on to tell the tale about how, after loving the song "Thriller," he felt betrayed and scared out of his mind by Michael Jackson's video, because "this was the homie, and he was a werewolf." And, as we all know, werewolves are no joke. 

The next stop is New Orleans Street Customs Motors, the complete car care shop that Spitta co-owns with his manager Mousa. This gives us an opportunity to talk Mackie, one of the do-everything workers in the garage, and a peek at the new '76 Caprice he just purchased. 

We then follow him to his house, where you see his automobile-flooded driveway and the "Ferrari Lounge," a car sanctuary filled with models, beautiful paintings and, of course, a Ferrari Spider. The episode caps off with one of his favorite dinner spots, the Magnolia Grill

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