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The NBA Finals are big business. Really, really, really BIG business.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Instead, check out some the facts and figures that NerdWallet just put together. They took a closer look at the amount of money that certain brands put into promotion and advertising throughout the year in order to assess just how big of a deal it is for their companies to be visible during the NBA Finals. For instance, American Airlines pays $2.1 million per year for the naming rights to the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. Gatorade spent almost $350 million back in 2011 for the right to be visible during events like the NBA Finals. Nike and adidas both have millions of dollars invested in the NBA Finals (make sure you check out LeBron James' feet!). And AT&T paid $41 million back in 2000 in order for the naming rights to the Spurs home arena the AT&T Center.

Is all that money worth it? Short answer: Yes! To see why, peep NerdWallet's breakdown. And keep in mind just how many millions of dollars are being spent when you tune into the 2013 NBA Finals on Thursday night. It's amazing to see how big the NBA's business has actually become.

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