Recently, Bernard Pierce got some good news from the Ravens. According to a number of reports, the second-year NFL running back found out he is going to get more carries from the team next season as they look to limit the number of touches that their star running back Ray Rice gets. And it's a good thing that good news came for Pierce, because he needs it after what happened to him on Sunday night.

Pierce was reportedly standing outside of a pizza place in Philadelphia on Sunday when a man approached him with a handgun and stole his wallet, his cell phone, and his car keys. And to make matters worse, the man then stole Pierce's BMW SUV and drove off. The vehicle was recovered later on the other side of town. But Pierce and his cousin, who was with him at the time of the robbery, were understandably shaken up after the incident. Fortunately, though, neither of them was injured in the robbery.

An investigation into who robbed Pierce is currently underway. Stay tuned for more details.

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[via Philly]