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If we were a member of the New York Jets front office, we probably wouldn't suggest that the rookie class to start taking advice from teammate Antonio Cromartie. Look, we're sure that deep down, Cromartie is a good guy, but when you have so much off-the-field drama and so many kids that you can't remember each of their names, that's not the player you want the young'ns of the league to emulate. But maybe we're too quick to judge. 

In an interview with Bob Glauber of Newsday, Cromartie pointed out that he just wants these rookies to "learn from what I did wrong." He went on to say, “I tell the young guys, ‘Don’t spend any money the first year and a half of your career. You don’t know what will happen after that. You might be released. You might be hurt. Just save your money.'” As a living testament to why you should save your money, Cromartie confesses to purchasing the finer things in life, like cars and jewelry, as well as helping out his so-called friends, which all in all came out to $5 million in his first two seasons in the NFL. 

Nowadays, Cro relies on the help of a financial advisor and avoids any frivolous spending. As his advisor Jonathan Schwartz sees it, "His peers will go buy Rolls Royces and Ferraris and diamond jewelry, but 25 years from now, Antonio can still maintain his lifestyle, sit at the beach enjoying a cocktail and say, ‘I’ve earned it.’”  

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[via Pro Football Talk]