An alligator, a kangaroo, and a monkey share a ride in a van

No, this isn't a bad joke. This exact scenario actually played out last Tuesday morning in Lancaster, Calif. The police were called when someone saw two women holding the alligator outside of the van at an intersection. But the two women weren't doing anything illegal. They were just taking part in a "Zoo to You" program that helps introduce young children to animals. They had just finished a presentation at a local elementary school with the three animals when they realized that they had a huge problem on their hands and pulled over.

"The alligator urinated inside his cage," one of the responding police officers said later, "and it's a long way back to Paso Robles [where the "Zoo to You" program is based out of] with the smell of alligator urine. So they decided to pull over."

That sounds like it was a good idea. But we bet the kangaroo and monkey were pissed. It's not bad enough that the 'gator probably scared the elementary school kids half to death. But he went and ruined the ride home, too?! Geez. They can't take that thing anywhere with them, can they?

[via Yahoo! News]