Just what Allen Iverson needs right now—more bad press!

According to TMZ, AI's ex-wife Tawanna Iverson just asked a judge to force the former NBA star to return the couple's five children to her. She claims that AI asked her if he could take the kids on a vacation to Charlotte, N.C. from May 22 through May 26, and that she agreed. But she says that when May 26 came, AI didn't bring back the kids. She also says that they later agreed to meet up on June 4 so that Iverson could give her the kids back, and that he failed to show up at the meeting. Now, Tawanna is reportedly fearful about what Iverson's intentions are and believes that her kids may be staying at a hotel in Georgia. But she wants a judge to intercede in order to make sure that her children are returned to her ASAP.

We don't know the whole story here. But we do know that the last thing AI needs right now is this. His wife literally just took him to court for failing to pay her child support, and we've heard nothing but bad things when it comes to AI's personal life in the last few months. So we hope that Allen and Tawanna are able to work out whatever issues they're having soon. If not for their sake, then for the sake of their kids. C'mon, guys.

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[via TMZ]