Uh-oooooooh. It sounds like things might be going from bad to worse—way, way worse—for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Late last night, we told you about how the promising young NFL player was being questioned in connection with the murder of a man labeled as an "associate" of his yesterday. And now comes the news that Hernandez was also sued by another associate named Alexander S. Bradley earlier this month. That wouldn't be a big deal if Bradley had sued Hernandez for, say, failing to repay a loan or something. But the man filed a lawsuit because he says that something much crazier went down.

According to TMZ, Hernandez and Bradley took a trip to the Miami strip club Tootsie's Cabaret back in February. And during their trip, they got into an argument and both left the club. But that wasn't the end of it. Bradley alleges that, once the two men got into a car to leave, Hernandez pulled a gun on him, aimed it at him, and accidentally fired the gun and struck him in the face. He claims that he lost sight in his right eye as a result of the shooting and wants Hernandez to pay him $100,000 for it.

If this is true, why wasn't a police report ever written up? Why are we just hearing about this now? And why in the world wasn't Hernandez ever arrested? Hmmm…There's definitely more to this bizarre story and the other bizarre story involving Hernandez. Stay tuned.

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