You probably have a lot of fun with Instagram, but there are only so many gourmet cupcakes and elegantly garnished cocktails to give the Valencia treatment to. If you had a pile of disposable income and a more inflated sense of self worth, you'd turn your lame feed into a steady collection of "Popular" page bangers.

Cue today's professional athletes, most of which have an ego that's outpaced only by their far-reaching line of available credit. While you frame an $8 Moscow Mule, they're giving the Willow filter to a bottle service receipt. When you share a selfie behind the wheel of your mom's 2005 Ford Windstar, they're having their butler take angled pics of a brand new Maybach. What are people like Kobe Bryant and Victor Cruz usually up to with their iPhone? Find out with A Guide to the Day-to-Day Lives of Your Favorite Athletes via Instagram.

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