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Last December the last Maybach automobile rolled off the production line, and after 2013 the company will officially be no more. Although this may seem like a problem for the 1 percent, even they can’t be too upset. Since the brand was reborn in 2002, Maybach has sold a paltry 3,000 cars.

Among the few who did throw down stacks on stacks on stacks for a Maybach is one William Leonard Roberts II, aka Rick Ross, the kingpin at Maybach Music Group. Apparently, spending an ungodly amount of money on the ultimate status symbol wasn’t enough to show his appreciation of Maybachs.

Considering Rozay already has a fantastic lineup of rides in garage, we're sure he's doing just fine, but he's got to be a little sad that Maybach is six feet under. That's why we're here to cheer him up. There is life after Maybach, after all. There are other super plush sedans out there suitable for a Boss. Check them out with 10 Luxury Sedans Rick Ross Should Drive Other than Maybach.

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