VGJR: "It's 100% subjective. Drifting is a very unique motorsport. You have to get in the mindset of action sports: freestyle motocross, skateboarding, freestyle BMX, because it is a judged sport. We are judged on a certain criteria that is defined to us at each and every course.

"So basically, you're judged on line, which is being on the proper line and hitting all of the marks that the judges define. Also speed, which is pretty easy, and is measured by multiple speed guns throughout the course. Angle is how sideways you are. So you can run really light angle and get to the end of the course, but it's the guys who are driving backwards and really defying the laws of physics that get the high scores.

"And then you have your overall impact, so you basically take your line, speed, and angle, and put it all together. Essentially, what you have is a car going as fast as possible, rubbing the walls, inches from another car, driving almost backwards -- and fully committed. That's when you get that benefit of the overall impact advantage.

"It's just a crazy sport. It's sensory overload for spectators: tires smoking, engines screaming, cars inches from each other. For a driver, you're driving a very high-horsepowered, lightweight car on the razor's edge every second. It's gnarly, and it's awesome, and I love it."