VGJR: "There's definitely different styles. And I think that's just kind of a result of drifting being about personality and style. Everywhere I've been, everyone is doing the act of drifting, but there's different things that I think the judges have kind of instilled in the drivers to make it slightly different. Everybody has to adjust to what it is that they're looking for in different countries. The one thing that is static and stays the same is just that the lifestyle of drifting, the camaraderie, the competitiveness, and just the fun atmosphere around it. That's everywhere you go. This sport just draws very special people that just love to have fun and compete and push the limits of what these cars can do. And it's just a really cool, special thing to me.

"I've been really fortunate to travel all around the world and communicate with these people where we can't even really talk without a translator. But when we're behind the wheel of a car, we connect through a sport, and we're communicating from behind the wheel of a car and just having fun, and it's just a really cool thing. It is my love, and my passion, for sure."