Years Active: 1979-Present

Arguably the most famous wrestler of all-time has lived a tumultuous post-career. He chose to throwaway a small fortune rather than tell his daughter Brooke she couldn't sing. Then he did a reality show (which we're sure you were aware of) called Hogan Knows Best. After that, he had a very expensive and public divorce from his wife of almost 24 years, Linda. The former Mrs. Hogan attempted to get back at Hulk by dating 19-year-old, Charlie Hill. Not long after, Hulk's son Nick got into a car accident seriously injuring one of his friends and effectively bringing an end to the VH1 reality show (though you could argue the divorce already took care of that).  Hulk then went on to host a revived and short lived recreation of American Gladiators with Muhammad Ali's daughter, Laila, whom he credited with preventing him from committing suicide.

But wait, there's more. In April of last year, a six-year-old  videotape of Hulk having sex with the wife of radio host Bubba the Love Sponge emerged, with the fallout settled in a lawsuit in October of last year. It's important to note that Hulk was Bubba's best man at his wedding in 2007. The best place to find Hulk now is utilizing his distinctive voice on several shows on Adult Swim from Robot Chicken to China IL to American Dad. He also opened a restaurant in the Tampa area called "Hogan's Beach." On top of all that, the man who once rejected the cash cow that became the George Foreman Grill (or so he claims) also has a website for wannabe bulkers that you can visit here.

Is he still humble? We doubt he ever was but like just about everyone else on this list (who isn't dead) he still makes appearances from time to time in the sport that made him famous.