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C'mon, Tony Parker. C'mon! Throughout his time in the NBA, Parker's game has become synonymous with the teardrop shot, but we won't go as far as supporting his claim that he invented the shot. Here's an excerpt from the feature done by The New York Times on the 30-year-old point guard:

It is unclear who first shot a teardrop, or who first called it that. Some credit Bob Cousy, a Boston Celtics star of the 1950s. Others point to Hank Luisetti, a Stanford player from the 1930s known for his running one-handed shot.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker, generally viewed as the league’s current teardrop master, insisted that he came up with the shot as a child. “I got copyrights on that,” he said. “I did that because I was small and it was the only way I could get a shot off on the bigs. I grew a little bit later.”

And we're not alone in thinking Parker's claim is absurd. Ball Don't Lie points out that "Mark Jackson used the shot throughout the '90s, well before Parker was drafted at the age of 19 in 2001." That's just one example. We're sure there are plenty more examples if you search hard enough. Sorry, TP.    

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