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Yes, kids. Manny Ramirez actually used to be a very good baseball player. One of the best in the league even. But, of course, even the best of baseball players have to falter at some point. Falling off to the point where you forget basic fundamentals is a bit much, though. That's just the case in the above play in Ramirez's game with the Taiwanese EDA Rhinos.

Peep just how far Ramirez misses the base when he tries to slide toward it. Damn. We don't know what the announcer is saying afterwards, but we're pretty sure the term "Struggle" has the same concept in nearly every language.

Perhaps the only good part is that the slide was so bad that it broke up the potential double play; the infielder had to run over to tag Ramirez, giving the batter a chance to make it to first. It's clear by Ramirez's expression that he didn't intend to do that.

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