If you’ve ever lusted for a funky-colored, super-powered Porsche 996, boy have we got the car for you.

OK-Chiptuning has released pictures of their version of a 2002 996, covered front to back in wild neon colors. Beside the psychedelic paint scheme, the car features a 650hp 911 engine with modified turbochargers and beefier injection valves. Other speed-minded modifications include a custom exhaust system (growl!) and a bigger fuel pump.

To give the 996 a little more pizazz (did it really need it in the first place?) OK-Chiptuning installed a set of pink TechArt wheels, TechArt rear spoiler and a set of custom Recaro racing seats.

Love it or hate it, you can be sure this thing will turn a few heads.

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[via WorldCarFans]