Date: May 20-May 30, 2009
Teams and result: Orlando Magic over Cleveland Cavaliers in six games.

LeBron was going to get a nationally televised crack at Kobe for basketball supremacy. The only thing in his way? The No. 3 seeded Orlando Magic who just got through a grueling semifinal against Boston while James and company relaxed after sweeping Atlanta. In Game 1, Orlando had a big comeback, outscoring Cleveland 59-43 in the second half, to win by a single point. And would've taken Game 2 if LeBron didn't hit a buzzer beating three.

In the third matchup, the Cavs let the Magic get an edge in the series despite 41 from LeBron. In Game 4, the Magic lived up to their name and won a shootout 116-114 in OT. LeBron's triple-double in Game 5 helped Cleveland stave off death for two more days until Dwight's boys ended the series in six essentially putting the dream matchup of the two heirs to Jordan's throne on a (probably) permanent hold.