Date: May 1-May 17, 1979
Teams and result: Seattle Supersonics over Phoenix Suns in seven games.

Seattle got off to a 2-0 lead, then dropped three straight to the Phoenix Suns who were as hot as a...some sort of star that gives a planet life, can't think of it right now. In Game 6, Phoenix had their boot on Seattle's throat but like a serial killer with a heart of gold, let them go. They got dominated on the glass getting edged 43-27 in rebounds. All those extra putback opportunities gave Seattle a one-point road win.

Two days later they capped it at home, under the shadow of the Space Needle with a four-point triumph, led by a career high 33 points from Jack Sikma to go along with his 11 boards and two clutch free throws with a couple of seconds left. The series was so close that the total points for each crew combined were Seattle: 718 to Phoenix's: 717, with only two games decided by a two figured margin.