Date: May 2-May 16, 1976
Teams and result: Phoenix Suns over Golden State Warriors in seven games.

After going 42-40 in the regular season, the Suns shocked everyone by making a deep playoff run that eventually culminated with a six game loss versus the Celtics in the NBA Finals. The highlight of their season was no doubt taking out the defending champ Golden State Warriors who also possessed the NBA's best record. 

After a Game 4 133-129 victory in double overtime, the Suns scored the final 14 points (eight of those by Keith Erickson who also sent the game to overtime with a mid- range bucket with two seconds left). The Warriors then answered by taking the crucial fifth game 111-95. Their best chance was to take the Suns out in six. Golden State clung to a 104-103 lead late in the game but with 12 seconds left Suns center Alvan Adams hit a layup and his teammate Gar Heard blocked the potential series ending dagger. The Suns then polished off Game 7 on the road 94-86.