The 2013 NBA Draft is projected to be one of the weakest drafts of the last decade. But don't tell that to Cavaliers fans. They just won the right to the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft lottery and they're going to get the right to, wait. Who are they going to select? Nerlens Noel? Ben McLemore? A wild card like Otto Porter or Trey Burke? We have absolutely no idea. For all we know, they're going to trade the pick away and save themselves the aggravation of having to make a decision. But as of right now, they're on the clock after winning the lottery tonight. Here is where everyone else finished:

1: Cleveland Cavaliers

2: Orlando Magic

3. Washington Wizards

4. Charlotte Bobcats

5: Phoenix Suns

6: New Orleans Pelicans

7: Sacramento Kings

8: Detroit Pistons

9: Minnesota Timberwolves

10: Portland Trail Blazers

11: Philadelphia 76ers

12: Toronto Raptors (this pick goes to Oklahoma City as part of the James Harden deal)

13: Dallas Mavericks

14: Utah Jazz

Who were the real winners and losers of this NBA draft lottery?

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