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Team(s): Warriors, 76ers, Lakers
Stats: 160 G, 22.5 PPG, 24.5 RPG, 4.2 APG, 22.7 PER
Playoff accolades: 2x NBA Champion (in seven Finals appearances), 1x Finals MVP
Playoff highlights

Wilt always caught a lot of flak for his lack of playoff chops, given the vast discrepancy between his career points per game average compared with his playoff total (30.1 vs. 22.5). However, the fact of the matter is that Chamberlain was forced to carry a lot of teams that did not surround him with the talent necessary to topple the Celtics. He did himself no favors with his selfish and unbecoming behavior off the floor, but after the opening tip Wilt was a critical asset for his team.

Once he got the help and took a reduced role, the championships started rolling in; Wilt averaged just 17.7 points per game in 1967 and 19.4 in 1972, the two years he won a ring. In 1972, he played part of Game 4 and all of Game 5 with a broken hand, registering 24 points, 29 rebounds, eight assists and eight blocks in the championship-clinching Game 5 to snag his first and only Finals MVP award.