Career years: 1993-2005
Career stats
: 17.3 PPG 2.9 RPG 2.4 APG SPG BPG
Teams: Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks

(All Knicks fans scream "Yes, son!" upon seeing this page). Allan Houston, the $100 million dollar man after being a year or two past his prime. He had some good years for the Knickerbockers, most notably the '99 Finals run where he made "The Runner" to beat Miami and land the No. 8 seed vs. No. 1 seed upset. Then the pesky knee injuries caught him in '03 and he only managed 70 games in the two years after until his retirement. There's no doubt he could have gone down as a Knick great if he was able to get a couple more productive years out of those legs. Melo, take notes.