Team: Philadelphia Warriors
Stats: 72 G, 46.4 MPG, 37.6 PPG, 27.0 RPG, 2.3 APG
Player Efficiency Rating: 28

Wilt had no problem dominating the league during his rookie season en route to collecting his first MVP trophy. Despite his youth, the center put up the second-highest per game rebounding total of his career, and in the process laid the groundwork for rule changes meant specifically to water down his dominance. The 16-foot wide lane and offensive goaltending did not exist until Wilt came in and just started dunking on everybody.

He also is responsible for the rule that free-throw shooters must wait until their shot hits the rim to cross the foul line; to mitigate his poor free-throw shooting, Wilt would take off immediately after releasing the ball and throw down huge put-back dunks before anyone knew what happened.