Forget Miley Cyrus, forget Aaron Paul, forget Khaled and Floyd Mayweather Jr. and famed car collector Ralph Lauren. There is one man that matters most on this list: Rune Berge Vik. Don't recognize his name? You shouldn't. Nobody knew his name before this month, but with one small-town achievement, we believe that this man should be put in the automotive hall of fame.

Rune Berge Vik (it feels like a name we should only say in full) purchased a Lexus LFA and, on his drive home, realized that there was a speed bump in his home town that was going to likely be a major problem for his daily driving. So, he spoke with one of the local people on the town council and was able to convince him to have the speed bump completely removed. Just like that. Gone. All because he's a badass and drives a $400,000. He might not have the best car, but no other celebrity is topping his status. 

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