Ford has announced that Ford of Australia is being disbanded, and that the Ford Falcon will see three more years of production before vanishing entirely. While streamlining the country into the One Ford plan of global models will almost certainly make for a better bottom line for Ford, it does make us sad to see many of Australia's unique cars go belly up.

It's the Falcon that we mourn for the most; basically a four door Mustang family sedan, it's exactly the kind of car we imagine ourselves wanting when the middle aged desire for additional doors hits. In fact, we have an idea: rather than getting rid of the Falcon, which is and sounds awesome, get rid of the Taurus, which is outclassed in every way by the Fusion and is not and does not sound awesome. The Fusion is a fantastic mass-market, front wheel drive family sedan, and the Taurus just seems to beg the question "why didn't you buy a Fusion?" so get rid of it.

Alas, we'd be very surprised to see this happen, so to all our Aussie fans out there who aren't die hard Holden lovers, go buy a Falcon in the next three years, because this is your last chance.

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[via Auto News]