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1993 was a year where Bill Clinton was sworn into office, Jurassic Park was packing theaters and Nerlens Noel wasn't even born yet. The sporting world saw its fair share of action, it was the last time Major League Baseball had only four playoff teams (thanks to a strike in 1994) and had a World Series that ended with a walk-off home run. The NFL and NBA were dominated by their "Team(s) of the '90s," and it was the last time Canada captured titles in any of the four major leagues, doing it in two different sports.  

The biggest athlete on the planet hung up his basketball shoes to try his hand at a different game. FOX got the rights to broadcast NFL matchups, Leon Lett had the blooper of the year. It was also the last trip around the sun that O.J. Simpson was remembered as a football player. 

So take a look back at the sporting world in the days of Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Mrs. Doubtfire. The era of Jordan being an actual court presence and SportsCenter showing highlights may be over, but unlike today's youth we can be thankful we got to live through it. This is Retro Year in Sports: 1993.