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Great, another story to make our moms weary of the Internet. The most recent world wide web scam we've come across involves a Craigslist posting and a Chevrolet Corvette Pace car that went missing. Mr. Mike Stull won a 1986 Indianapolis 500 pace car at charity event a few years ago, and in efforts to use it more, he was looking into putting a top on it. Instead of going to his neighborhood garage, he took to Craigslist to ask for help. This turned out to be a horrible idea. 

According to Stull, somebody responded by saying, "I’ve done it before. I used to work in a top place." Next thing Stull knew, the car, which was painted in a rare yellow color, was gone. Police arrested Matthew Warman, the person who contacted Stull, but they were unable to recover the car. A new ad on Craigslist has since been posted, offering $500 to anybody with information on the car's whearabouts. He should probably be careful, though, hinting that he might have $500 cash lying around. 

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[via Corvette Blogger]