Saskatoon, Saskatchewan resident Steve Simonar lost both of his arms in a tragic sailing accident almost 30 years ago. But it hasn't stopped him from living a normal life. He runs a construction company, takes care of a family, and even manages to drive every single day. He has a modified vehicle that allows him to steer the car with his feet. But there are still some things that he simply can't do because of his disability. For instance, when he gets into his modified car, he can't put on his seat belt. He has no arms, so it's an impossible task.

That didn't stop a Saskatoon police officer from giving Simonar a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt recently, though. Although Simonar says that most police officers who have pulled him over in the past for not wearing a seatbelt have let him off the hook, he was handed a $175 fine by an officer last week during an area-wide crackdown on drivers not wearing seat belts. And now, he's appealing the summons and wants the officer who wrote him the ticket to rip it up.

"I'm a rare bird," he said earlier this week, "and that's what kind of makes this whole thing stupid. I'm the exception to the rule and it has to be treated that way."

We have to agree. We know that, by law, Simonar should be wearing a seatbelt. But simple logic explains why that's not possible. So why not cut the guy a break? Is the $175 really worth all the bad publicity the local police department is getting right now? Probably not.

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[via Edmonton Journal]