Following Game 2 of last night's Pacers/Heat game, George Hill was asked in the post-game press conference "if there is anything more dangerous than the thought of James with the ball in his hands at the top of the key with the game on the line." Maybe the reporter was fishing for an answer involving Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant, but Hill literally went godly with his response. 

“It’s only like one person that’s more scarier than that and that’s God,” Hill said. “I’m sure if we were looking at Him in the face we would be very nervous. I’m sure He could make all the plays that we want people to make. LeBron is a great player, he’s the MVP for a reason, he’s one of the best to ever play this game. He’s a big focal point. We know that when he’s up there probing the floor and looking at everything that we can’t just focus on him, we have to focus on the people around him, because he’s a great play-maker. He has our full attention.” 

After being told about Hill's comments, LeBron dismissed the claim, saying “I’m nowhere near close. I made two mistakes tonight that hurt our team. That hurt more than anything, to let my teammates down. They expect me to make plays down the stretch. I had the ball with the opportunity to make a couple of plays and I came up short." 

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[via Point Forward]