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Look who decided to roll into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set on an All-City bicycle. It's Megan Fox, joining Michael Bay once again after the two worked together, then split up, on Transformers. I'm not too happy about this. I have nothing personal against Fox, she seems like a lovely lady, but she's not anything like the image I've developed from growing up with the cartoon.

April is supposed to be the kind of gal that's got that girl next door appeal. She doesn't have to try to be attractive, it just happens kind of accidentally. Megan Fox is the opposite of this. Her looks are the type that gave dudes boners in high school, just by walking by in her short gym shorts. Her attractiveness comes off as purely sexual, not the cute kind that I'm used to with April (Judith Hoag wasn't exactly a sexpot). Not to mention I still can't get those five evil minutes of Jennifer's Body that I watched, during which I'm pretty sure she was trying to eat somebody, out of my head. The movie is supposed to focus on the turtles anyway, not the sidekick reporter.

Okay, my foray into pop culture for the day is done. Check out that sweet bike!

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[via Zimbio]