Yesterday, Kevin Durant agreed to donate $1 million to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund in order to help those affected by the devastating tornado that leveled parts of Oklahoma on Monday. Matt Kemp also agreed to donate money to the cause, but his donation was admittedly a little bit smaller than KD's donation. Er, okay, make that MUCH smaller:

Kemp immediately caught hell for "only" pledging to give $1,000 per home run for the rest of the first half of the MLB season, mostly because he only has two home runs so far this year. But earlier today, Kemp also pledged to donate an additional $250,000 to the cause and released a statement explaining why he waited until now to make the donation.

"Dear Families of OKC," he said. "On Monday, out of concern and emotion I committed $1,000.00 for every home run I hit until the All-Star Break. It was a quick and small gesture in advance of what I knew would be my greater contribution through your rebuilding process. I am keeping my pledge and in addition, donating $250,000. May God bless you through this and the many generous donations coming to your aid."

Some people out there will probably still criticize Kemp for waiting an extra day to make such a large donation. But we're just glad he made it. It'll definitely help the people of Oklahoma. Now which other athletes want to step up and lend a hand?

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[via Eye On Baseball]