We hope Matt Cassel was joking. We're pretty sure he was, but hey, you never know. In a recent interview with Cassel was asked for his perspective on the difference between his former Patriots teammate Tom Brady and Christian Ponder. Check out his response.

"I taught Tom everything. I thought he really started to flourish after I got there. (Laughs.) A lot of people don't understand how much time we spend together. It's important to be together and be good teammates. And when you have a good (quarterback) room, it makes everybody better in the room. That's what it's all about."

Oh, really? We don't know where to begin with this statement. Yeah, Brady didn't have that incredible 4,806 passing yards and 50 touchdowns season until 2007, after Cassel's arrival to the Pats, but c'mon. Like we said, he's gotta be joking, right?    

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[via Pioneer Press]