The Dallas Mavericks missed the NBA Playoffs for the first time in 13 years this season. After getting off to a horrendous start, the Mavs finished 41-41 and didn't make it to the postseason. But despite that, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is still glad that the team didn't sign Deron Williams to a max contract last summer. He's also glad that he decided to film an episode of Shark Tank instead of sitting in on a meeting with D-Will and his advisors to talk about a contract last July.

"Did you see that episode of Shark Tank I filmed that day?" he joked recently. "It was amazing."

That decision eventually led to Williams staying with the Brooklyn Nets. But it also gave the Mavs plenty of salary cap flexibility moving forward.

"It's not about signing a maxed-out player," Cuban said. "It's about building a championship team. If you just add $75 million to your payroll, you're stuck, and I didn't want to be stuck. That's the position we didn't want to be in."

Are the Mavs really in a better position now, though? Eh, that's debatable. It'll all depend on what free agents they're able to attract this summer. Provided, of course, Cuban isn't busy filming Shark Tank again. Stay tuned...

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[via ESPN Dallas]