We've seen a lot of dads who take high school sports a little bit too seriously. But a father from New Jersey is putting all of those dads to shame right now.

Ervin Mears Jr. just filed a $40 million lawsuit against the Sterling Regional High School in Camden County, N.J. He claims that his son Mawusimensah Mears was "subjected to bullying and harassment" as a result of being kicked off of Sterling's track team earlier this month. Sterling's track coach banned the boy from participating in any track meets back on May 6 after the boy's father got into several arguments with the coach about which events his son should run. It seems that the dad was so persistent in expressing his opinion that the coach eventually got fed up and kicked the son off the team. So now, Ervin Mears wants $40 million and also wants Sterling to give his son two varsity letters and two championship jackets.

Listen, we're all for sticking up for your kid and trying to help him maximize his athletic potential. But when you have to resort to suing the school in order to try and make things happen, you've probably overstepped your bounds. And now your kid is the one who has to suffer because of it. SMH.

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[via FOX Sports]