Apparently, Magic Johnson doesn't watch very much TV. We can't blame him for it. The guy does have, like, 47,632 things on his to-do list everyday. But, because he doesn't watch much TV, he doesn't see many LeBron James commercials. And, as a result of that, he took some time out of yesterday's NBA Countdown show on ESPN to talk about how he feels as though King James should have more endorsement deals than he currently does, despite the fact that LeBron has plenty of them.

"I'm in disbelief," he said. "Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have more commercials than LeBron James. I can't believe that. In all my 35 years, I've never seen an MVP, back-to-back winner…not have any endorsement deals, not have any commercials on TV? Every time I look at the TV, I never see any LeBron James commercials."

Hmmm…We will admit that LBJ doesn't have a ton of commercials on TV at this exact moment. But, come on, Magic. He currently has endorsement deals with Nike, State Farm, Samsung, McDonald's, and…well, how much time do you have? Bottom line: Bron-Bron is doing just fine with it comes to endorsements. He's not hurting for more.

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[via For The Win]