In the past, we've seen more than a few college basketball coaches put their hands on their players. In fact, it turned into a bit of a trend last season, when coaches like California coach Mike Montgomery made waves by pushing their players during timeouts in order to try and get their attention. But you don't see NBA coaches putting their hands on their players very often. Most of them aren't brave enough (or stupid enough!) to do it.

It happened last night, though. After Grizzlies point guard Jerryd Bayless messed up on a defense assignment, Memphis coach Lionel Hollins pulled him from the game, yelled at him for the mistake, and then physically pushed him when he didn't get the reaction he was looking for from Bayless. The two then got into a pretty heated argument on the Grizzlies bench.

Watch Hollins shove Bayless in the clip above. Do you think Hollins should be punished for doing this?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]