LeBron James hasn't said anything on Twitter since April. That's because he's been letting his game do the speaking, as he and the Miami Heat have been tearing through the NBA playoffs. The message: "Get out of my way, or I'll destroy you. Or, I'll have my crazy teammate Birdman destroy you. And you see how he was with Tyler Hansbrough last night. You don't want that."

LeBron shot a mediocre 50 percent in MIami's 90-79 victory (his season average was 56.6 percent, so, despite his 30, 8, 8 line, he was obviously slacking). Because we know we're not going to get any commentary from Bron Bron's social media accounts, we've decided to fill the void by collecting the crazy rides that he's posted in his short photography career. Check out LeBron James' 15 Best Rides Photos on Instagram.

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