This weekend is the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Grand Giro event in Italy, which involves racing an entire convoy of Lambos through the hills of Italy in what appears to be one of the most amazing procession of cars in the world, among other things. 

One of those other things? Unveiling the Lamborghini of the future.

From the Luxury and Supercar Weekend group's Facebook page, they just posted the above picture, with the following caption:

Just revealed, only minutes old, you're the very first to see this. The Lamborghini of the future, this one was created for a movie called "Ecosita" out later this year. But this is a sign of what to expect from Lamborghini in the future.

As such, even though it's not techincally called the Ecosita, that's what people have taken to calling it already. And yes, that's Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelman standing next to the thing. We couldn't find any more information on the film, or the car, but there are pictures, and those pictures show a car that looks nothing short of incredible. Whether or not it's even going into production—or what it tells us about where Lamborghini is going—is certainly up for debate. What isn't is the company's ability to blow minds at the drop of a cover-cloth, after all these years.

UPDATE: The real name of this car is the EGOISTA, which translates to "selfish" in Italian. According to Jalopnik, the car has a 5.2L V10 engine. Its solo seat is also modeled after the Apache helicopter, according to designer Walter De Silva, and will be like Batman's tumbler, in that it can detach as its own individual vehicle.