After the Rockets beat the Thunder the other night to pull to within 3-2 in their best-of-7 playoff series, Houston forward Royce White let off some shots at Kevin Durant & Co. on Twitter. He said that OKC looked "SHAAAKYY" and actually @'d KD on one of his tweets. So, naturally, someone asked Durant about White today. And Durant let off a few shots of his own.

"Who is that?" he asked reporters. "I haven't seen him on the bench. So, I mean, I'm not worried about guys that's not even in our series. Ain't that the guy that's afraid to fly? [Ed. note: White suffers from an anxiety disorder.] Well, I wish him the best, man, and if I see him next year I'll let him know who we are."

Niiiiiiice. Not surprisingly, White responded to all the controversy a little while ago on—where else?—Twitter:

Consider this beef cooked. As long as White is sitting at home and not taking part in the playoffs, there's no use in KD even engaging him anymore.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]