Kevin Durant loves to play the game of basketball. We know that because he routinely sends out tweets like this:

We also know it because, every summer, he spends the majority of his time playing basketball. And we're not talking about him playing in some private gym that no one else has access to. No, no. KD pretty much plays whenever and wherever he can. From random summer league games to pickup games at Rucker Park, Durant gets it in during the offseason. Eff a vacay! This guy is constantly balling.

Recently, he kept that trend going by showing up at an open run at DeMatha Catholic High School in Maryland. And, as you would expect, he dominated the competition. Just peep his pull-up J in this Vine:

It's not quite the same as pulling up for a game-winning shot in the NBA Finals. But it's still nice to see a superstar like KD doing whatever he can to find an open run. That's love for the game right there.

We fully expect to see more of these clips as the summer goes on. Where's KD going to show up next?

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[via Washington Post]