There's very little debate over who are the two best players in the NBA today. Usually, any fair-minded person would say LeBron James and Kevin Durant. After those two, however, is where things get a little arguable. Back in February, we made a list on the Most Valuable Players in the NBA Right Now and had Chris Paul at No. 3. Earlier this month, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe gave his MVP vote to Carmelo Anthony and became the topic of much discussion. So, who do you have as the third best in the league right now?

After the San Antonio Spurs swept the Memphis Grizzlies last night, Jalen Rose went on Twitter and made a bold claim on Twitter:

Period, eh? We don't know about all that. Is Parker really better than Paul, 2013 scoring champion Melo and playoff wonder boy Steph Curry, just to name a few? After that claim, Rose must've been hit with plenty of responses about Kobe Bryant, so Jalen responded: 

Yeah, we'll admit that Parker has been on one all season long, but what do y'all think?      

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[via Jalen Rose]