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Fans have historically always tried to find creative ways to distract the opposition and get into the head of any opponent. It seems that the Houston Astros have a very unique approach to distracting pitchers.

On Thursday night in Minute Maid Park’s exclusive Diamond Club seating area behind home plate, an unidentified man stood up at least twice and appeared to use a hot dog to imitate his penis. The Astros released a statement in regard to this fan: 

“The Houston Astros have no affiliation with the individual involved in the incident in the Diamond Club seating area last night,” Astros Vice President and General Manager of Building Operations Marcel Braithwaite said. “The individual is not a season ticket holder. The Astros are currently investigating the matter with the proper authorities.”

The Astros currently have the worst record in the MLB at 10-26, so they should be trying to do everything to get a win. Right?

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