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Geno Smith is a free agent right now. Well, technically, the New York Jets hold the rights to the former West Virginia quarterback. But Smith fired his agents shortly after the 2013 NFL Draft, so he's a free agent when it comes to representation right now. And, according to some reports, Smith is thinking about possibly signing with Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports. There are a bunch of other sport agencies in the running as well. But Smith met with the Roc recently and is said to be strongly considering them for his representation and marketing needs.

If Smith had been drafted elsewhere, we probably wouldn't feel as strongly as we do about this. But because he will be spending the next few years in the Big Apple, we definitely think Roc Nation Sports could be the right move for him. After the tumultuous last few weeks that he's endured—and the freefall that he took in the draft—it would be a great look for both him and his career to sign with RNS. Stay tuned to see what he decides.

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