The Chicago Bulls may still be rocking the same pissed off stag since 1966; but everybody else has edited their initial ad pitch. Sometimes edits are good, we mean the Detroit Pistons may have felt they created a unique name with local flavor but didn't think of a mascot they could tie-in that would strike fear in their opponents. The Denver Nuggets had identity crisis after identity crisis. And who could have possibly foreseen that, after an invasion of their land, Native Americans wouldn't be cool with their ancestors portrayed as goofballs for corporate gain?

With today being the 44th birthday of the Jerry West inspired NBA logo we thought we'd offer you a flashback to the ghosts of NBA's past with some iconic trademarks that may bring back great as well as awful memories (though odds are you weren't alive for most of these). None of them made it 44 times around the sun but they gave the league an injection of personality in an era of afros and nut-suffocating short shorts. Take a look at some of the early joints that we wholeheartedly miss in Classic NBA Logos We'd Like to Be Brought Back.

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