We don't cover NASCAR a whole hell of a lot here. But we did cover former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle a few years back as part of a list of the most "pause-worthy" sports names of all time. The latest story involving Trickle is no laughing matter, though.

Earlier today, Trickle—who took part in more than 300 races in the Sprint Cup series between 1970 and 2002—died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Boger City, N.C. Police say that Trickle called 911 at around noon and revealed that there was a dead body inside of the cemetery. And when police responded, they found Trickle's body lying a few feet from his pickup truck.

What a sad, sad day for NASCAR. We (and many others!) poked fun at this guy's name a lot over the years. But this is truly tragic. R.I.P.

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[via From the Marbles]