He doesn't have the nickname "Money" for nothing. You see, whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins or loses against Robert Guerrero tonight, he will tie "the largest single-fight contract in history," according to ESPN. Before we tell you Floyd's astronomical amount, let's mention that Guerrero will also earn the highest guarantee of his career at $3 million. Not bad, right? 

Well, Mayweather, on the other hand, is guaranteed to make $32 million, which happens to be just as much as he made fighting Miguel Cotto last May, prior to serving a two-month jail sentence for domestic abuse. With a record of 43-0, it should come as no surprise that Mayweather makes people want to watch whenever he steps into the ring, regardless of the opponent. 

But that's not all. According to Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer, that guarantee is just the minimum. As Schaefer points out:

"He has established clearly that level of $32 million as a guarantee and remember: He will make much more after everything is counted because he keeps 90 percent of the profit from the event. The $32 million is just the contract minimum. The bulk of everything else goes to him."

Oh, and did you forget that Mayweather plans to get in the ring one more time this year on Sept. 14?   

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[via ESPN]