Mohd. Nisham King, the father who created a huge controversy last month by letting his 9-year-old son drive his Ferrari F430 Scuderia, has announced that he's purchased a new Aston Martin DB9.

In case you don’t remember, King posted a video on YouTube of his son blasting around in a Ferrari on city streets. It was clear to all who watched the video that the boy, who had just turned 9, was obviously not tall enough to safely operate the car’s pedals. As you might expect, the video, which quickly went viral, was met with swarms of criticism from child-advocacy groups and concerned parents.

Following news of the video, King was arrested by local police and charged with child endangerment. After posting bail, he laid low for a few weeks (seems like a good idea). Now, thanks to a recent posting on Facebook, King has told the world he is the now the proud owner of a DB9. According to local reports, he also owns a Lamborghini, Bentley, and Range Rover – along with the now infamous Ferrari 430 Scuderia.  

Here’s hoping that Mr. King will wise up and buy his son a go-kart or something.  

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[via DeccanChronicle]