When two men ran into a Burger King in Stockton, Calif. recently with guns drawn and demanded cash, they probably thought they had an easy score on their hands. Their getaway car was still running out in the parking lot, so all they needed to do was get the store's employees to give them some money and they were good to go. But one of BK's employees outwitted them.

The employee, who was in the back of the store when the thieves made their way in the front, snuck out a back door and made his way out to the parking lot while the robbery was in progress. Then, he jumped in the suspects' getaway car and hid it around the block so that the thieves couldn't get to it once they fled the store. And that made it difficult for them to get away. They attempted to flee on foot when they realized their ride was gone, but the police caught up to them a short time later and arrested the two men, later identified as Gabriel Gonzalez and Jeremy Lovitt. They were both charged with armed robbery and thrown behind bars.

Something tells us that BK employee won't be stuck in the back of the store anymore. Thanks to his quick thinking, he most definitely deserves whatever job he wants moving forward.

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[via ABC News]